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The Board of the Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts has decided to continue the investment in incentive grants to teachers and researchers during 2023, with the aim of building strong research environments with room for research and development in the fine, performing or creative arts.

In addition, the Faculty has also reserved SEK 500,000 for co-funding external grants, as a measure to work on the recommendations of the RQ20 panel, over the next two years.  Read more about each opportunity below.

Incentive Grants for teachers and researchers

The application period for incentive funds is 3 February to 20 March. The decision will be taken by the Research and Postgraduate Programmes Board (FFU Board) on 25 April.

Those employed within the Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts as postdocs, lecturers, senior lecturers or professors can apply for an incentive grant. Doctoral students cannot be principal applicants. Applications can be awarded a maximum of SEK 100,000. 

The aim is to encourage and stimulate work for a limited and allocated time with:

•    research grant applications,
•    completion of articles,
•    research and development in teaching and the fine, performing or creative arts,
•    scientific, educational and/or artistic material that can be used as a basis for promotion,
•    other types of qualification that strengthen the scientific and artistic skills of researchers and teachers.

Funds can be applied for once during 2023. Applications are to be sent by e-mail to Annika Michelsen annika [dot] michelsen [at] kanslik [dot] lu [dot] se

The guidelines for incentive grants have been revised. The most important changes are that postdocs can apply for grants, that professors can only apply if a junior researcher is included in the application, and that a previously granted project must be completed before you can apply again. Guidelines for applying for incentive grants can be found under "Documents".

Upon completion of the work/project, a brief report (approximately 1-2 pages) must be submitted to the FFU Board describing how the funds were used and the results of the project/work. The project's results must also be presented publicly at a time decided by the FFU Board. 



Annika Michelsen
 +46 40 32 54 96
annika [dot] michelsen [at] kanslik [dot] lu [dot] se (annika[dot]michelsen[at]kanslik[dot]lu[dot]se)