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Information on admissions

The Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts offers research studies in the fine and performing arts specialising in fine art, music or theatre, as well as in music education. The programmes are four years in length and lead to a PhD.

Research studies in fine and performing arts are based on artistic knowledge and artistic work. The focus of the studies is on independent artistic work as part of an artistic research project, with the aim of developing knowledge of artistic issues. Music education is an interdisciplinary research field and covers all forms of learning in music.

Research studies are carried out at the Art Academy, the Academy of Music and the Theatre Academy. The faculty is also home to the Inter Arts Centre (IAC), a meeting place for different art forms, researchers and artists in experimental projects that contribute to an exciting research environment.

Through research studies programmes, research and the Inter Arts Centre, we have established ourselves as one of the leading international research institutions in the fine and performing arts and music education, a position we want to continue to reinforce and expand. The Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts also coordinates Konstnärliga forskarskolan, the national graduate school in the arts, with doctoral students from different fine and performing arts programmes around Sweden.

►Inter Arts Centre
►Konstnärliga forskarskolan

Vacancy announcements

There are a limited number of places for doctoral students in each subject at the Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts. The current subjects are Music, Music Education, Fine Art and Theatre.

► General syllabi

Vacancies for doctoral students are advertised on the Lund University website, the faculty website and the website of the relevant academy.

► Malmö Art Academy
► Malmö Academy of Music
► Malmö Theatre Academy

The vacancy announcement will specify what is to be included in the application. All applications must include the following:

  • Personal details: name, citizenship, date of birth, address and email address
  • Research plan
  • Appendices such as degree certificates
  • A list of qualifications

The announcement will also indicate the subject, deadline for applications, number of posts and expected start date.


Applications for research studies are to be submitted electronically in accordance with the instructions in the vacancy announcement. Any hard-copy appendices are to be sent by post to the Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts.

Entry requirements for research studies

A person meets the general entry requirements for third-cycle studies if he or she:
1. has been awarded a second-cycle qualification (postgraduate/Master’s)
2. has satisfied the requirements for courses comprising at least 240 credits of which at least 60 credits were awarded in the second cycle, OR
3. has acquired substantially equivalent knowledge in some other way in Sweden or abroad (prior learning).

The specific entry requirements are listed in the general syllabus for each research studies subject.

Admissions procedure

Applications are processed by an admissions committee appointed by the department. The committee comprises at least a subject director, a doctoral student representative and possibly a supervisor in the subject.

The admissions committee first assesses whether the candidates meet the entry requirements.

Those candidates who are judged to meet the entry requirements are ranked, and those ranked highest may be called to interview. Selection is performed on the basis of the department’s specialisation and available supervisors, as well as an assessment of the applicants’ ability to profit from the programme. This assessment is to take into account the candidates’ research plan, qualifications, portfolio if applicable, and other documents submitted in accordance with the instructions in the vacancy announcement.

The admissions committee then makes a recommendation for admission with ranked reserves. This recommendation is sent to all applicants, who have two weeks to submit an objection to the proposal. The admissions committee considers and responds to any objections and take these into account in the decision on admission.

Please note: one requirement for admission is that the applicant can be appointed to a doctoral studentship or has an alternative source of funding.

The decision on admission is taken by the Board of the Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts and all applicants are informed in writing.

Regulations on research studies and admission to research studies can be found in chapters 6 and 7 of the Higher Education Ordinance

Higher education ordinance

and the Lund University Admission Rules for Doctoral Programmes (LS 2012/719), valid from 1 July 2013.

Lund University admission ruels for third cycle education
Admission process for third-cycle studies Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts


Annika Westberg
Doctoral education administrator
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