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Research in the fine and performing arts is characterised by diverse forms of knowledge, with approaches, theories, methods and partners from many different areas. What is specific for research at the Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts is the task of also developing artistic research and in doing so emphasising its distinctive nature.

Expertise in the fine and performing arts can take many different forms and expressions, of which some differ from the type of knowledge that dominates other academic fields. Communicating artistic expertise, which is an important task within artistic research, requires special strategies and methods, which may be different for different art forms. For instance, artistic research can be characterised by knowledge arising and being developed in creative interactions, and that the reflective aspect of the work forms an integral part of the artistic practice.

Research and doctoral studies are carried out at the Inter Arts Center and at the three academies in Malmö. The Art Academy conducts research and research studies in fine art, and the Theatre Academy in theatre. The Academy of Music conducts research and research studies in two disciplines that explore different aspects of music: music and music education. The disciplines reflect two sides of the same coin; there are many areas of overlap and an important aim is to further develop and strengthen the joint research environment. Music education is an interdisciplinary field of research and covers all forms of musical learning.