Our handling of the coronavirus

information for employees at the faculty of fine and performing arts


A new decision by the Vice-Chancellor has been made to continue to operate according to the decision from 21 December until further notice.

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As the spread of infection remains serious, the government announced additional restrictions for the whole of Sweden on 18 December 2020. Among other things, all activities conducted by the state and which are not necessary should be shut down immediately until 24 January 2021. 


As of 14 December, stricter national regulations and general advice come into force about everyone's responsibility to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Everyone in society, both individuals and business operators, has an obligation to take measures to prevent the spread of infection. This also applies to celebrating festive occasions.

Learn more about the stricter national regulations on krisinformation.se


The previously tightened local restrictions introduced on 24 October have now also been extended to 13 December.

Education at the University is neither a public gathering nor a public event and is not affected by the general regulations. However, Lund University is continually reviewing its activities to avoid the further spread of covid-19. This could mean that new decisions are taken altering the number of people on the premises or that new measures are introduced to minimise the spread. It is important that everyone keeps up to date about the rules in force locally at the University, in the region and nationally.


The Public Health Agency and Region Skåne decided on October 27 that additional and more far-reaching measures to prevent transmission of infection are to apply in Skåne for a period of three weeks.  

In view of this, the University Management wants to emphasise that it is very important that the University, as an employer and education provider, applies the guidelines and recommendations of the Swedish Public Health Agency and Region Skåne. 

At present, there is no reason to amend the University’s current decision and guidelines, but the importance of everyone applying these cannot be overemphasised – not least if we want to avoid a return to all teaching being conducted remotely.


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Keep in mind to

  • stay at home - even if you feel just a little bit sick
  • wash your hands often with soap and water, for at least 20 seconds and
  • keep your distance from others, both indoors and outdoors.