Ongoing elections

We have the following ongoing elections:

Nomination Committee

The Nomination Committee's duty is to prepare nominations and submit proposals for candidates in our ongoing elections. The term of office is three years: 2020-03-01 until 2023-02-28.

Committee members:

Fredrik Haller, Teaterhögskolan (Chairman)
Jan Michelsen, Teaterhögskolan
Fredrik Værslev, Konsthögskolan
Silvana Hed, Konsthögskolan
Lena Ekman Frisk, Musikhögskolan
Sven Kristersson, Musikhögskolan
Magnus Ericsson, Musikhögskolan

Who can nominate and vote?

Eligible to vote and nominate are employees at the faculty whose employment comprises at least fifty percent of full-time and who are employed permanently or have an employment that covers at least two consecutive years of employment. According to the Higher Education Ordinance, doctoral students with doctoral positions in this context are counted as students and are not entitled to vote or be nominated.

Who is eligible?

Eligible for the position of dean, vice-dean and scientifically competent teachers on the board are professors and teachers at the faculty who hold employment for which a doctoral degree or equivalent competence is required. The dean and vice-dean are appointed by the university's rector after proposals by electing those entitled to vote within the faculty.

Eligible for other positions on the board are employees at the faculty who are not scientifically competent teachers according to the above definition.

The student representatives are appointed in the order stipulated in section 7 of the Student Union Ordinance (2009:769).

The Vice-Chancellor appoints general representatives on the basis of proposals from the Faculty's Nomination Committee. The Nomination Committee proposes general representatives for the Vice-Chancellor without election.


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