We educate future artists, musicians, music teachers and actors in an environment that is characterised by high visibility through exhibitions, concerts and performances and with extensive networks in the surrounding art, theater and music life, as well as in schools and music schools.

We offer educations at Bachelor's and Master's level and we also have doctoral education and independent courses. We ensure a high entry level of the students' skills and abilities through auditions. All our educations are teaching-dense with individual tuition and monitoring

Professional Artist

Malmö Art Academy offers high-quality programmes in fine art for professional artist practicing. During your studies you will have opportunities to realise your visions and dreams and create a strong professional identity. You will be part of inspiring new settings and have the chance to specialise in the areas that interest you the most.

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Musician / Composer / Music Teacher

Malmö Academy of Music offers programmes for future Musicians, Music Teachers, Composers and Church Musicians. Their education is highly valued on the music scene and prepares you for a professional career. During your studies, you have great opportunities to implement your visions and create a strong professional identity.

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Actor / Scenic and Dramatic Writer

Malmö Theatre Academy has programmes in Acting, Scenic and Dramatic Writing and Theatre. The Academy focuses on close interaction between the different subjects and is part of a wide network of theatres and other institutions that provide drama education in Sweden and internationally.

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Malmö Art Academy
Evalena Tholin
Programme administrator
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Malmö Academy of Music
Lena Arstam
International Coordinator
international [at] mhm [dot] lu [dot] se
+46 (0)40-32 54 67

Malmö Theater Academy
Marta Malmsten
Programme Coordinator
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