Ylva Hofvander Trulsson appointed Deputy Dean for Research

Ylva H Trulsson

The management of our faculty is being strengthened with docent and senior lecturer Ylva Hofvander Trulsson as Deputy Dean for Research.

Ylva is currently responsible for educational quality at the faculty and will now alongside her previous tasks, take on the new assignment as Deputy Dean for Research.

One of your assignments will be to coordinate the research conducted at the faculty - what are your thoughts on that?

-My ambition is to strengthen the work that is already done regarding our doctoral educations that is qualitative, but take a step further and ensure that we have seminars and meetings to stimulate new ways of thinking about the artistic research field and to what it can contribute in society and interdisciplinary within Lund University. Inter Arts Center is a natural platform for collaboration and there is great potential there.

We received good reviews in RQ20, but is there any area that you will give priority to in your work?

-The RQ20 panel with chairman Ingrid Elam gave us useful feedback on how we can develop our research strategy. Among other things, they highlighted the need to enable career development for young researchers (postdoc and then senior) and that the Faculty Council needs to broaden their perspective from focusing on postgraduate education to include research at several levels and contexts. We also need to support our institutions in applications for external funding and further enable interdisciplinary collaborations.

There will be a new platform for artistic research output, can you tell us about that!

-There have been requests for a platform for our research and artistic output to make it visible. Based on our discussions, a web platform is relevant, which has been given the working name "ARTS - Arts, research, teaching studies". We will have an editorial team and I urge anyone who feels that this is something they want to get involved in, to send me an email. The purpose of the platform is to get to know more about each other and the research work that we do, and to be a window for those who are curious about us.


More info:

Ylva Hofvander Trulsson has been appointed Deputy Dean for Research during the term of office 2021-01-13 to 2023-12-30.

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