Co-location of the faculty

The Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts is working to co-locate all three academies into a new campus, as part of ensuring its long-term quality and success. The new campus is expected to be finished in 2025/26.

Model of Varvsstaden
Our two buildings in Varvsstaden marked with yellow dots. The buildings to the left are SVT and Media Evolution City. The name of the street is Stora Varvsgatan.

Location: Varvsstaden

Lund University has evaluated a number of alternative locations for the new campus, and Varvsstaden received the highest score. The geographical location and closeness to other cultural insitutions, as well as both national and international public transport means, became crucial. In addition, the property owner (Varvsstaden AB) has an extensive recycling and sustainability program for the hole area, with a strong intention to preserve the historical and industrial feel in a modern style, which also match the project criterias.

The two buildings that the faculty has been offered are the Machine hall and Wagon workshop from the former Kockum's operations. The faculty is in need of acoustically unique premises and large spaces that can be used for all art forms. Great effort will be put into solving the most efficient use of each square meter.

Varvsstaden (Google Maps)


Karin Lantz
Lokalplanerare LU Byggnad
Tel: +46 46 222 72 39
karin [dot] lantz [at] bygg [dot] lu [dot] se



Marge Arkitekter visit Varvsstaden and our faculty establishments. 

Varvsstaden opens to the public.


Pilot study.


Consideration of Pilot study.

Then, the study material is translated into functions, volumes, facades, materials and the accurate amount of rooms with specification of acoustics, lighting, equipment, AV etc.

The timeline is approximate.