The Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts is one of Lund University's nine faculties, located in Malmö. 

Our three institutions are Malmö Art Academy, Malmö Academy of Music and Malmö Theater Academy. We also have a platform for artistic research and experimentation, called Inter Arts Center.

The faculty educates and conduct research in the following art forms:

  • free art
  • theater
  • music
  • music education

Management and Organisation

The faculty is led by the faculty management with powers delegated by the faculty board.

The faculty management, including the dean, pro-dean and office director, leads the faculty's activities in accordance with powers delegated by the faculty board, governance frameworks and the current delegation procedure. The faculty board is the highest decision-making authority, with overall responsibility for education, research and collaboration within the faculty.

To support strategic and operative work there are a number of councils, boards and committees with representatives from the faculty’s organisation. All decision-making and drafting bodies that affect education and the students’ situation also include student representatives. Further support services are provided by the faculty office.

Term of office 2018-2020

Our dean is Anna Lyrevik and pro-dean is Staffan Storm. The dean summons the Dean's Council, consisting of the faculty management and prefects, a forum for common issues to be discussed. 

Term of office is prolonged until June 30 2021.